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The cleaning of the kitchen. Cook dinner. Purchase products.

Prepare for dinner drannikov and coleslaw. General cleaning of the kitchen. Bought products.______________________________________________________On our channel videos about the life of a large family. Our achievements and successes, chores and entertainment. All what we live is our channel.Our family: mum Julia, dad Aivar, daughter Michelle, son Emil, son of Elmira daughter Aliya.Subscribe to our channel, put likes (or dislikes – we will see what to grow). And of course, write comments, we are always happy to chat, to find like-minded people.Unnecessary tags:vlog, cleaning, vlog, vlogs, products, everyday mom, shopping, dinner, Elena Il’icheva, cook dinner, recipe, recipes, motivation, cleaning, food, what to cook for dinner, grocery shopping, morning, cleaning the kitchen, grocery shopping, family, order in the house, the menu for the day, our day, how to cook a delicious dinner, General cleaning, menu, motivation, easy recipe, cosmetic, menu, every day vlogs, family vlog, cooking together with Elena Ilyicheva, children, Breakfast, Alla Pogodaeva, what we eat, cooking channel, blogger Sochi, what’s for dinner, Natalia Gorbatova, farming, what’s for lunch, I cook lunch, buy some food, family channel, home business, frugal menu, go from the garden, proper diet, video recipes, buying food, budget dinner, cooking, frugal meals, budget shopping, cooking videos, shopping, what to cook, the menu for the week for family, home vlog, meatballs, dinner in a hurry, order in the kitchen review, cleaning the house, shoutbox, blogby channel, a quick dinner, the family k, videos everyday, daily vlogs, lipstick, cooking, kitchen, buy, bought, at my window in the kitchen, purchase products, napkins green Wei, food, cheap food, live frugally, puzzle games, fun Friday, family happiness, eating out on a budget, the Greenway, to save on food, video about the life of Colin welding machine, where to go, closed the account, realina life, cleaning, in Kombinat shkol’nogo pitaniya, PP, in the package, unpacking the parcel, got the parcel purchase of products prepare a dinner of chicken chopped breast of chicken vlog, paid the overpayment, chopped meat patties, cutlets of chicken breast are very tasty, moving to the country, responses to comments, Pro series, recipe pork, village, our news, going to Sadie channel on YouTube, cooking together, home vlogs, make-up, tired, out of town, meat recipe, everyday mom with two kids, Voronina life, braised cabbage with crackami, raschlenenie, very tasty and inexpensive, buy fixed price, quick service, meat dishes, dinner for the whole family, the farm, the elegant delicious dinner in a hurry, the channel is about food, going on business, real estate, budget shopping, shopping for home, chemicals for house cleaning, budget shopping, Lukovaya cosmetics, Anapa, decorative cosmetics, heart to heart, talk, clay mask, chicken, potatoes, oily skin mask, oily skin, facial care, care sobi, masks, mask for face, homemade food, potatoes, refrigerator, away wrinkles, oily skin care, Source: Мама 4х @ Youtube.

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