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The coolest burgers with their hands. Black beach Burger, Hawaiian surprise, and classic

#Burger #of blackbeach #fast food #losetcompletionroutine it’s cool. The burgers quickly. And most importantly, the Burger is delicious! And if you cook them with your hands, then even better! That is what we probably will do today.The options we will have as many as three, the classic, which is not very classical, Hawaiian surprise and black beach Burger. Recipe:Burger Patties:• 500 grams mince• 1 egg• 30 ml cream 10-15%• Salt, pepper• Spices for bureaumaryland bow:• Bow• Squeezed lemon juice• Fresh herbs• powdered Sugar• Salt• Precocity classic:• Bun for the Burger (we bran)• Burger• Pickled onions• 1-2 gherkin• 1 cherry tomato• Sauces for vkusovaya surprise• Bun for the Burger (we have corn)• Chicken breast• Salt spices• cheese• Ring of canned pineapple• Pickled onions• 1-2 gherkin• Sauce on kusulas beach Burger:• Bun for the Burger (we Borodino)• Chicken• Bacon• Pickled onions• 1 cherry tomato• 1-2 gherkin• Two kinds of cheese• Sauce vkusno well, I probably did not tell You the secret if I say that almost all burgers are made the same. Cut in half a loaf of bread is placed on the Patty, sauces and everything else. The difference lie not in the method of preparation, and how it all together to make and delicious, and something new. Further, about these differences and we’ll talk, but before that, something about the cutlets for burgers, and about a couple of other “levakov”.Bon appetit!A reference to burgers – And our video blog – Join our group In Contact Group in Facebook Own musical compositions to share with us Paul Krestinin aka Ancient Light – And Vitaly annuals – Like the letsplay? Go to the group VK videocipher – Source: Демьян и Гений @ Youtube.

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