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The delicate cream dessert with a banana. Step-by-step recipe.

Ingredients:gelatin – 15 Moloko – 250 metoro – 350 Gretna – 100 grohar – 200 granulin 2 grochola – 50 g for посыпки2 banana Pour the gelatin in the iron bowl. Pour cold milk and let swell. Then put on a quiet fire and heat, stirring, until dissolved.While gelatin cools, put in a bowl the cheese, sugar and vanilla. Whisk everything. We report the sour cream and whisk until creamy. Pour the cooled gelatin with the milk and whisk all together. Take a baking dish. Pour it in a part of jelly curd mass. Put the slices of bananas. The next layer, again, pour the jelly. Do this several times until the mass. Cover with jelly wrap or a package and sent in the fridge for 7-12h. Get out of shape dessert and three on top grated chocolate.Bon appetit! Source: ПРИГОТОВИМ? @ Youtube.

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