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The dessert is baked for 30 seconds, You will go now to the kitchen! It is very tasty, simple and fast!

the Dessert for about 30 seconds. (Dessert Floating island or the Snow) is a Recipe I spotted on TV in the culinary talk show, about a month ago, he tasters were there all excited and of course me he was intrigued, I immediately went to the kitchen and prepared and we also loved it. And now I decided to share with You, so it’s quick, easy and the ingredients are always at hand. See for yourself. SUBSCRIBE TO the CHANNEL AND STAY tuned FOR new: Write comments, give it a thumbs up if You enjoyed the video!Send your photos in VK Subscribe to my Instagram @kalnina_natalia MY FIRST BOOK “Yummy”: ***************************Recipe:Egg whites -2 PCs.Sugar -3 tbsp (60g)Chocolate -30g.My channel Vkontakte: @kalnina_natalia Classmates: : ***********************************************************************Maybe You need GSI video how to make a Versatile dressing for salads INSTEAD of MAYONNAISE it is Possible You will need a video how to make homemade mayonnaise See video “How to cook non-stick emulsion for lubrication forms” – ***********************************************************************I recommend to watch MY PLAYLISTS:1. Salad recipes Recipes Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes Recipes Savoury baking Recipes cakes Recipes Cakes Recipes meat dishes Recipes fish Recipes different types of dough #dessert #kalyanarama #recipes Source: Калнина Наталья @ Youtube.

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