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The Fastest and most Delicious Cupcakes in the oven. EASY AND DELICIOUS RECIPE

Hello friends!Cupcakes so the recipe came out very tasty,flavorful and tender.I advise everyone to cook .How do you make that video? .Like and save the recipe ✅Leave any smiley in the comments We will be very pleased .THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING❤❤❤___________________________________________________________ MUFFINS WITH BERRIES .All ingredients should be at room temperature,the output 12штук .butter – 100g sugar – 150g zest of one lemon eggs – 2 pieces butter – 150g lemon juice – 2.l flour – 250g baking powder – 2H.l berries – 100g Bake in preheated oven at 180 for 30-35 minutes.#recipes #cakes #kjaw #buns #yummy #cupcakes #culcated #muffins Source: Рецепты от Хадисы @ Youtube.

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