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The PERFECT SNACK to whip up. Club sandwich with chicken

Looking for the recipe is simple, quick and hearty snack? Then you have come to the right place! Today Priprava Club shows how to prepare a club sandwich with chicken.Ingredients for 2 servings:• toast: 6 pieces;• chicken: 1 pieces;• mayonnaise: 2 tbsp;• grained mustard: 1 tbsp;• tomato: 1 piece;• sweet onions ½ pieces;• cheese: 30 g;• ham: 40 g;• salad: 2 pieces;• salt: to taste• pepper: to taste.SEE ALSO:chicken Salad Dishes in 10 MINUTES Snacks Club – spice channel with spice ★Recipes of different dishes★Recipes for quick rukoma on the Internet:➧ the Website ➧ Vkontakte Matching Classmates ➧ Pinterest Matching Our Instagram channel: #sandwiches #rezeptservice #sandwichservice Source: Priprava Club – кулинарный канал с перчинкой @ Youtube.

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