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The preparation Takes Only a FEW MINUTES / a Fast, Very Easy, Delicious Appetizer Or side dish!

the Dish turns out very juicy, you can serve as a separate dish or as a side dish. Is made from simple, affordable products. For the sauce you can use either sour cream or mayonnaise one!********************************************************Recipe below in description!!!******************************************************SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: Alaskarova*****************************************************If you have the OPPORTUNITY and DESIRE, you can help the CHANNEL FINANCIALLY:MAP of SBERBANK: 6762 8011 9008 077 113 OLGA STAROVOLSKOE THANK you FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND UNDERSTANDING!!!*****************************************************Not to miss new videos, click on the bell!!!************************************************************APPETIZER RECIPE OF ZUCCHINI UNDER CHEESE CRUST:1 кабачок2 томата1-2 cloves чеснока100-150 gr cheese любого1.5 STL STL майонеза3 of metamizol and pepper to taste************************************************************CONTACT FOR ADVERTISING: [email protected]***********************************************************Here’s another interesting recipe:1) QUICK, TASTY SNACK ) MEAT FIRST AND SECOND courses: ) the DISHES ON the FESTIVE TABLE: ) QUICK EASY TASTY SALADS: ********************************************************Join us in social networks:Vkontakte: Instagram: Odnoklassniki: Source: Оля Старова @ Youtube.

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