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The PUFF BREAD is something special!

Good day friends! Today we will prepare FLAKY BREAD. If you are preparing this wonderful bread, I make sure to prepare it. The PUFF BREAD is something special, crunchy thin crust, airy and incredibly soft flaky crumb, mmmm – delicious and wants to eat it! This delicious and fragrant bread recipe is very simple, but still requires a little effort on your part. Good luck in cooking. Who will cook this recipe, then be sure to leave feedback)))PUFF Glibtest: Flour – 1.5 kg. Sunflower oil – 2 tbsp Yeast – 11 gr. (1 packet) Sugar – 1 tsp Salt – 1 tbsp Water – 600 ml (lukewarm)butter – 180 gr. for promazyvanija layers.First make yeast dough, leave to rise for at least an hour in a warm place. The dough came. Divide the dough into several parts and each roll out into a thin layer. Each layer to miss the mark with butter, roll in roll, then in the “snail”, re-roll, about 2 cm thick and coat with the egg. Optionally, you can make patterns, sprinkle with sesame seeds, etc. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 35 – 40 minutes, until Golden brown. The bread is ready! Bon appetit! Thank you very much for the views and likes, I am very pleased. Stay with me. Up to new meetings!!! Source: Вкусняшки в домашних условиях @ Youtube.

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