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THE RATING OF ALICE.Plum-pie delivefy

Plum, because we got the recipe of plum cake from the newspaper New York Times ‘ legendary recipe, and American pie.But plum is not yet ripe, cooking with gooseberries, so delivefy.Turned out nice and tasty.The recipe, of course, is the Internet. But I will list here the ingredients that you don’t have to spend time looking for and considering the fact that I changed the recipe a bit to your taste:Flour — 1 Cup (a Cup – 200 ml) of Egg — 2 Pieces vegetable Oil — 115 ml Sugar — 3/4 Cup Soda — 1 teaspoon Salt — 1 Pinch Gooseberry — 300 gr Advise you to try! Tasty)Bon appétit and happy viewing!#secretscelebrity #amerikanskiye #americanpie #of radostice Source: Рейтинг Алисы @ Youtube.

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