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The recipe for the pork sandwich, Low&Slow. Spices “Robert DeNiro”

Pork ribs – 500 specii – “Robert DeNiro”Cabbage – 100 Markovi – 70 Gluck red – 1 stkins – 50 Luxus Apple – mlvoda filtered 80 – 100 bloguri pickled – 50 gmines – 60 Gorchitza Dijon – 40 Glim – 1 stmed – 50 GSOs “Worcestershire” 20 mvblock for hot dogovornoy Tabasco – ukususwa fin profusely covered with spices “Robert DeNiro”, RUB them into the meat. Zavernut foil and put in oven preheated to 100 g. Bake the ribs for 5 hours.Meanwhile, prepare coleslaw. Cabbage cut into thin strips, markovianity on a coarse grater. Things shift in the hemisphere and stir. For the sauce mesalimine, honey, mustard, juice of ½ lime, Tabasco, sauce “Worcestershire”. Mix the cabbage with the sauce imarkov. To interfere with strongly, that cabbage gave juice. To cover the hemisphere of the film iupati Cole slaw in the fridge.Cut cucumbers into thin rings.Onion cut into thin rings, put in the hemisphere. Pour the vinegar and water, dobavitsya cilantro. Mix everything and marinate the onions for 1 hour.The ribs are ready remove from oven, remove the bones and break the meat fiber. To backupagent on the grill until Golden brown. In buns to put Cole slaw, marinovannogo, meat, top with pickled onions. Source: MEATBROTHERS @ Youtube.

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