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The RECIPE is a DELICIOUS DINNER IN a hurry | Potatoes, bacon, red fish in cream | INTERESTING

#dinner#keprihatinan#receptozine#innaccuracy❤on!!! INSTAGRAM : My nick in Instagram: foodgoodchefВсем hi!Today I you come up with sooooo interesting recipe for dinner. Have you ever met a combination of fish and bacon? If you think it’s incompatible products, I recommend you not to pass by and be sure to cook a delicious dinner for my recipe! I never thought it was so delicious and tender! Don’t be afraid of new combinations! Don’t be afraid to experiment! This recipe for potatoes with bacon and red fish in cream – has become the most favorite recipe in my family!INGREDIENTS:4 medium картофеля2 моркови1 луковица2 cloves casinocasinos лук250 ml сливок200 gr gr of grated сыра100 belneology RECIPE:- Cut the potatoes in medium cubes and finely Chop 1 onion – Cut into medium-sized cubes red fish – Cut small 2 cloves of garlic – Cut into cubes 100 gr of bacon – Finely chop the green onion – Grated on a coarse grater 2 carrots – Grate 200 g of cheese – in a pan heat a little olive oil, fry bacon for 1 minute – then add the onion and fry for another minute – add the carrots and garlic and sauté a few minutes all together stirring occasionally – add the potatoes and fry all together until soft (in the end you can add few salt) in a baking dish on the bottom put the fried potatoes with vegetables on top lay the cubes of red fish – pour 250 ml of cream – sprinkle with grated cheese on top – add half of chopped green onion (rest of onion just before serving add to the dish on top)- sprinkle with salt and pepper – sent in a preheated 200 degree oven for 20 minutes – check the readiness of potatoes. If it is soft, the dish is ready!Thank you for your your fingers up, thanks for your comments! Thanks for your views!It stimulates me to new challenges and to release new, simple, quick and delicious recipes. Sincerely and always Your Food Good)))____________________________________________________________________HOW CAN people FIND ME? IT IS VERY EASY!❤ON!!!INSTAGRAM : My nick in Instagram: foodgoodchef❤this e-mail: [email protected]❤amazing game I Vkontakte: ❤ This is My public in VK: ❤this is My culinary blog: I recommend you to watch my other videos, since you came to visit me)))✅Cake Smetannikov. The recipe is a delicious cake with sour cream ✅ Thai Tom Yam soup in 15 minutes ✅ Tender pork ribs in the oven ✅ Caesar. Caesar salad with chicken ✅ the Perfect berry pie. Pie with berries ✅ mouth-watering NAPOLEON cake ✅HONEY Cake in 30 minutes Source: Food Good @ Youtube.

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