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The recipe is a delicious Pea soup. (Reveal the secret)

Pea soup with smoked ribs. Read to the end and find out what is the secret of our recipe of pea soup, not to fart and had a stomach ache. This is one of the most delicious, nutritious and inexpensive soups. Pea soup a real man’s food. But many girls are not against such a prescription. And the main secret of pea soup soak the peas and wash it to clean water. Then you get the pleasure not only while eating, but after not awake to experience abdominal discomfort and lack of oxygen in the room :).#Masayoshi #Gorohovaya team:Evgeniy Gorbachev Ivan Kirakosyan – Ruslan Dilanyan – Oleksandr Sych – Source: Мясо и Кости @ Youtube.

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