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The recipe is a gem!!! TOMATOES – BRILLIANT.So tasty that lick your fingers!!! Appetizer kebab.

Salted tomatoes – a great snack as festive and everyday table.The recipe is simple, cooking is quick, and the result is delicious, healthy and incredibly delicious dish.Ingredients.tomatoes – 2 kg pepper Bulgarian – 4 sh.t.garlic – 2 Golovkin – 2 tbsp. greens – 1 puckerer Chile – on zeleniuch – 100 gr.vegetable oil – 100 ml vinegar 6 % – 100 ml. Bon appetit.Earnings on YoutubeВы sure to find the right recipe in the playlists on our channel:Appetizers: vegetable Dishes: Cooking in the oven: Dishes for every day: Festive dishes: All baking: Baking pan: Salads: cheese: No baking without baking pita: preparations for the winter: Source: Все гениальное – просто ! @ Youtube.

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