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The recipe is in the description under the video

Good afternoon, my hostess what are you making for dinner? Give me an idea Cooked pancakes today, but the recipe is not removed as there is a video in archive just decided to share with videorecipes from the archive, and you like cheesecakes? Prepare a 15 min. do not forget to save the recipe and put the huskies ♥this ♥this ♥this is Raisins you can not add who does not love a 300 gr творога1 яйцо2-3 tablespoons of flour(depends on the cheese, if the cheese is liquid, more flour) 2 tsp сахара1 incomplete tsp. salt Raisins kusumadewi all the ingredients with a pestle and emminem. Added looking again stir with spoon or hands. Form a sausage and cut into 7 parts. Shape and fry in sunflower oil on both sides on low heat. Approximately 3-4 minutes on one side. Ready ✅ Try it, share comments WELCOME to THE COZY, DELICIOUS little WORLD, FULL of FOOD to Share simple and easy recipes homemade Muminat Alieva – recepti_mumishkaМуминат Aliyev Muminat Alieva, recepti_mumishka, delicious, nice, friendly, oblomoff, recipes, recipes, meat, food, recipes, recipe pork, recipe beef, recipe barbecue, barbeque, grilling, recipe at the stake, recipes, food, cooking, wok, in the oven, salad recipe, recipe meat, recipe smoked, kitchen, tasty, delicious food, recipes, homemade, home cooking, your recipes, recipes, personal cooking, baking, roasting, simple recipes, easy recipes, recipes, homemade, food blogger, food court, food, fast food, instagram, youtube, Source: Recepti Mumishka @ Youtube.

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