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The recipe is just the BOMB! Strawberry Charlotte as a SOUFFLE. Filling pie strawberry sour cream with a SECRET

strawberry Apple pie as a soufflé! Gorgeous recipe with sour cream and SECRET! It’s just the BOMB! Filler pie with strawberries. Quite a simple recipe.Charlotte turns out tender, juicy, melts in your mouth. The dough is soft, elastic but not wet. Strawberry does not spread, and retains its integrity.Try to cook Apple Pie with strawberries for this recipe. Recommend. You’ll definitely enjoy it!Love Channel Pink eggplant: Products:Strawberries – 400 Graca – 200 grayza – 3 tsahar – 150 Gretna 15% – 150 rastitelnoe oil – 30 micromol – 40 granitniy sugar – 1 h razryhlitel – 2 h saharnaya powder – 1 tbsp naslazhdaites!Bon appetit!SUBSCRIBE – there Will be many interesting easy recipes! Press the bell to be the first to see new releases.Playlist All videos of Pink eggplant Cooking Playlist Desserts We Instagram We at Facebook We at Facebook We at Yandex Collection #Charlotte #salinospora #cakes #desserts #klubnichnaya #selinasescorts #of rozbyraly Source: Розовый Баклажан @ Youtube.

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