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The SACHERTORTE cake, very chocolaty and delicious!!!

Cake without cream, but still very juicy and tasty!!! Recommend!!! RECIPE:sponge CAKE: Plums. butter – 150 gr Sugar – 150 gr Eggs – 6 PCs Dark chocolate – 150 g Flour – 150 g Soda – 1 tsp Vinegar – 1 tsp Vanilla Pinch of saleproperty: Apricot jam – 250 gurganus: Cream – 130 g Dark chocolate 130 gcomposition my channel: MY PLAYLISTS:1) Very delicious and easy to prepare Cakes! ) Dishes on the holiday table! This playlist is a collection of recipes of dishes with very nice presentation! ) The recipes that are cooked in the oven! ) “DIFFERENT”, this playlist is a collection of recipes of various dishes! There are recipes in 5 minutes! )” Pastries”, here are the recipes of pizza, donuts, éclairs, cakes and pies! )”Main dishes”, this playlist is dedicated to the delicious recipes of the second dishes! )”Family videos”, here is the video in which my family helps me to cook! %3A%2…8)”Salad” – homemade recipes, it is better you have no one to cook! ) Very quick and simple, but at the same time very tasty BREAKFAST! ) “Japanese cuisine” here you learn how to cook rolls! ) “The first food” – delicious soups! Source: Готовить легко @ Youtube.

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