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The simplest recipe for a gentle homemade ice cream !

Ice cream is one of the favorite delicacies of children and adults. Sometimes it seems that to make ice cream with your own hands is a very troublesome thing, but we want to dispel all doubts and for You took videorecipe delicious vanilla ice cream you will Need: a Yolk – 6штСахар -150 gr.Vanilla – 2 pod ( or 1/2 teaspoon of dry vanilla) Cream 11% -375 gr.Cream 33% – 525 gr. Whisk chilled egg yolks with the sugar. Meanwhile, it is necessary to boil the cream 11% and add a little vanilla extract. When things cool off (the temperature should be room) and our yolks are well beaten with the sugar, mix all the ingredients together. Now the mass can be put on the fire. Do not deviate from the saucepan and constantly stir the cream with the egg yolks and sugar. Cook for five minutes. The mass will thicken slightly.Now we are going to whip the cream. What they fresh, the more likely it is that the ice cream will be delicious. Whisk the cream until then, until they have thickened slightly. It is easy to do with a mixer. Weight (milk + egg yolks + sugar) cold? Put the pan in the refrigerator. Then the cold ground, combine with whipped cream. Gently stir to mass was homogeneous out. Put in the freezer and waiting 30 minutes. Cook along with us, leave your reviews and photoprivate FISSMAN in social networks:YouTybe – Instagram – Facebook – Vkontakte – Odnoklassniki – FISSMAN dishes in the world:Website – online shop – List of shops – always close the app:IOS (FISSMAN in the AppStore) or (FISSMAN in GooglePlay) – Source: FISSMAN RUSSIA @ Youtube.

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