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There Is Nothing Easier! The most delicious Appetizer of Mushrooms in Korean

the mushroom Dishes always are a success on the dining room or holiday table. There is nothing easier than to cook a delicious appetizer of mushrooms in Korean. Cooking is very simple, the main thing to wait for the marinating time)a Real JAPANESE KNIFE TOJIRO Just for You, my dear subscribers! 10% discount on all products promo code: GotovimDomaРЕКОМЕНДУЮ VIEW:▶ this mushroom Recipes, mushrooms ➫ Like the video?✔ Subscribe to channel – ✔ Hit the thumbs up! = ) Now you can leave your opinion in the comments!★ Let’s be friends:Instagram | | Odnoklassniki | Facebook | | My website | INGREDIENTS:mushrooms – 1 CPUC – 500 gperez sweet – 2 PCs. dill – 1 proccessor – 5 subcellular Apple (table 9%) – 80 Laslo plant – 2 tbsp sugar – 5 tsp salt – 2 tsp sweet paprika – 2 tsp coriander powder – 2 tsp spicy red pepper – 1/2 tsp black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp SEE ALSO PLAYLISTS:▶ This homemade biscuits ➫ ▶ it’s amazing the Best Desserts and Cakes without baking ➫ ▶ app Recipes for the New Year ➫ ▶ This Salad ➫ ▶ This Snack ➫ ▶This Desserts ➫ ▶ This Cakes ➫ ▶ This cake Decorating ➫ the thanks Subscribe to the channel and groups in social networks, rating the video, repost and comment!THANK you so much for viewing.★ Return to 18% from purchases on Aliexpress and other Internet shops – COOKING at HOME with Oksana Pashko is a culinary channel, where You’ll find delicious recipes of a huge number of dishes you can prepare at home. COOKING at HOME is video recipes: cocktails, cakes, desserts, meat dishes, poultry and fish, salads, various snacks, fragrant soups.With cooking channel COOKING at HOME you diversify your menu. Well, if You don’t know what to cook, then you’re in the right place 😉 On my channel you can always find some new recipe or idea.Hashtags: #snack #habitatores #zakonodatelnitsey: Source: ГОТОВИМ ДОМА @ Youtube.

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