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The’re Making Sizzling Kung PAO Chicken. Authentic dish of the restaurant is “Jimmy Lee”.

I apologize in Advance for the sound – failed equipment.We recently visited the Chinese restaurant “Jimmy Lee”, which is located near Sukharevskaya metro station, at the beginning of the Avenue of Peace (Prospect Mira , 12 p. 1). This is an authentic Chinese restaurant with the appropriate atmosphere, which offers a large choice of dishes from traditional Chinese recipes. See the recipe and process of cooking chicken’re making Sizzling kung PAO in this video.The website restaurant – the Age limit: 0+——————————————————Friends, we are looking for characters for new videos!If you are ready to cook your national dish, tell us about yourself, culture and traditions, contact us convenient way for you. We invite you to participate restaurants, cafes and just people who love to cook.——————————————————Stay tuned On the channel “Kitchen kitchen”.The goal of our channel is to show the variety of national dishes from around the world: meat recipes, fish, salads, soup, etc. And help us with this, familiar from childhood with the taste of food, traditions and culture of his people.Join us! Source: Кухня за кухней @ Youtube.

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