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Three budget DRINK for the heat .Recipes : homemade lemonade, the juice of one orange, Ice Tea

Promise – it will be hot.#drinks #recipes #lemonnado to prepare for this))) to Stock up on home brew and other cool drinks.In this video, three choices of refreshing drinks.But they are all very budget of the cheapest ingredients.1) Orange juice Almost three liters of orange juice from one orange?Easy!This is an old recipe, many know him. And we use it very often, including in the summer *1 orange* 2,5-3 liters of water* 200 g sugar* 15 g lemon кислоты2) Homemade lemonade is Very simple, very cheap and very refreshing! * lemon – 0,5 * sugar – 2 tbsp. of volatile fatty acids.* sparkling water – 1.5 l* ice* mint optional 3) Thea Ice – Cold China much easier) But many people forget about it*tea*water*lemon*sugar (or honey)*ice Source: Гадкий Утенок – весенне расхламление @ Youtube.

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