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TIN! This chicken soup is love Chinese ✓ soup Recipe with chicken

Her Majesty the cooking includes a wide variety of recipes how to cook soup. In this clip we are talking about how to cook chicken soup. How to cook chicken soup and chicken offal is well aware of the Chinese far Eastern people. Eastern cuisine is rich with unusual recipes, especially Chinese food. First courses play an important role in the diet of many peoples.Chicken broth is made from poultry parts, which are considered a delicacy among the Chinese. Soup recipe presented on the channel the Macro is a classic for the aforementioned people. Chicken soup is one of traditional dishes in Asian cuisine, which is presented in cafes and restaurants. The recipe for this dish, cooked in Oriental, is an acquired taste for Europeans. Soup with chicken we cook at home a little differently than the Chinese. Especially that it is a soup made of offal. Delicious soup or not, whose recipe is better – you decide. At least, this is a simple recipe. Everyone can realize it on the stove.To Sign A Macro?sub_…#cooking #soup #recipe #soup #macro Source: Макрос @ Youtube.

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