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Tiramisu – the most delicious and simple step-by-step recipe | Italian recipe tiramisu classic Tiramisu.

In this video we cook at home cake Tiramisu classic Italian recipe. Without exaggeration this is the most delicious tiramisu, which had to try, despite the simplicity of this recipe. Cooking will not take you a lot of time, and the result will pleasantly surprise and delight!Ingredients:Eggs – 6 PCs.Mascarpone cheese – 500гПеченье Savoiardi – 400гСахар – 75гСахарная powder – 25гКакао powder – 30гОхлажденный espresso – 300млРом dark 20млЛикер Bailey – 25млКофе to prepare in advance, add 2-3 tsp of sugar, cool. Add in rum and Baileys, mix well. Eggs should also be cold. Separate the yolks from the whites. To the yolks add the 75g of sugar and carefully beat with a mixer or whisk to education lush light beige mass. Add to whipped the egg yolks 500g mascarpone cheese, knead well with a whisk and then beat with a mixer until smooth. To proteins add 25g of icing sugar and beat well until a dense, air mass. While turning the bowl with beaten egg whites, they should not fall out of it. Now add unbitable to the yolks and gently mix the ingredients until smooth. You can proceed to the formation of Tiramisu cake. Take a deep form. Lube the bottom of the form cream. The cream put the biscuits Savoiardi, dipping each stick in the coffee for 1-2 seconds. Sticks should not be wet, otherwise the tiramisu will turn out not tasty and watery. Put layer of cookies, cover it with a layer of cream. Now lay out the second ball Savoiardi, putting the sticks in the other direction, perpendicularities layer. On top lay a layer of cream and tiramisu petrusite through a strainer cocoa powder. Tiramisu is ready to be put in the refrigerator for at least an hour or better for 3-4 hours.BON APPETIT!SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL – Source: HomeBrewery @ Youtube.

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