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To Lose Weight Delicious! USEFUL BREAD, CORN MUFFINS and SESAME BISCUITS! My Favorite Recipes

Hello, buy bread at the store or bake yourself ? Today I will share recipes of delicious bread, aromatic bread rolls and delicious galeto. You will see the PP recipe for bread without yeast. A slice of this bread is quite possible to eat in the morning for Breakfast or for lunch. Corn muffins are cooked on cheese, do not contain yeast and are low in calories. And biscuits made from sesame seeds, is perfect for a snack. Contain useful trace elements, which are so necessary to us. Try to cook these recipes and write the review experience. 1. Bread Kefir 1 %- 200 ml Soda – 0.5 tsp,Flour – 25 gr.,Rye flour – 100 gr.Whole – wheat flour- 100 g 170.92 grna 100 kcal.,6.62/ 1.56/ 31.822. Corn blackamore 2% – 200 g corn Flour – 100 g Egg – 1 PC Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp baking Powder – 1 tsp Salt – 1 pinch Sesame seeds – optional 170.11 kcal 11.9 /5.09 /18.62 100 гр3. Sesame gallicantu – 140 gr.The Mac – 10 oz.,Banana – 2 PCs., Oatmeal 50 gr 100 grn 283 ККАЛ8.71/ 19. 83 / 17.63#payback #phleb #of backyesterday #precept to Order individual diet with KBZHU ☛[email protected] Or write to any Channel VLAHOV ☛ I in Sots. Sethistogram – alisazh_blog ( )IN the VC GROUP WAITING for EVERYONE THERE! ☛ Email for cooperation [email protected]☛healthy food from ROYAL-FOREST with 20% discount for the promotional code Alisa20Я work remotely on the exchange of freelancers Work-zilla. Registration MAY BE INTERESTED in : TESTED and AVAILABLE PP recipes BEST BREAKFAST RECIPES. WHAT TO COOK FOR BREAKFAST. PP RECIPES PP DINNER Options. Best DINNER for Weight loss. Recipes the BEST RECIPES of ZUCCHINI!! Rather, LOOK and COOK! Harvesting food in the train. Menu 1300 calories. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Hello Everyone, my name is Alice and this is my channel on the right ( healthy ) diet. Proper nutrition gradually came into my life. From the beginning I just wanted to lose weight after the second birth, and now it’s my way of life. Source: Худеть вкусно с Alisa Zaharova @ Youtube.

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