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#a Stage of Fermentation of Tofu. In this recipe allowed ONE mistake, which went awry (see and do not do)!You will also learn what to do if tofu did not work!RECIPE of milk, from which we get the bean curd/cheese: 1) Soak soy beans (125 gr.) for 3-4 hours (I soak overnight)2) pour Soaked beans into the blender + add 950 ml water, mix about 3-5 mins 3) the resulting mixture strain through cheesecloth to separate жмых4) Milk bring to the boil to retain longer and become more enjoyable вкус5) optionally, add 1 tsp of sugar for every 2 liters of milk + 1/2 tsp соли6) you Can add flavoring such as mint, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Bon appetit, rebyatki.with. To make soy cheese – you need the lemon juice pour in hot soy milk! Source: Куриная Кухня @ Youtube.

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