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TOMATO BREAD with sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and garlic Bread flavored pizza

#nataliyamashika #bread #tomatnyi Friends, Hello! 🙂 Today I bake very tasty tomato bread with sun-dried tomatoes,herbs and garlic. The bread is incredibly tender structure, distinct pizza taste and a light pleasant sourness.Be sure to try and surprise your family 🙂 Below I attach a link to the original recipe, and below it will be my version.The original source My version:Recipe:this amount of ingredients you can make 2 medium size bread, or 1 large how to manawapat at 180C-55-60 minutes. Maybe the cakes will take less time. Be guided by your oven.850 g of all-purpose flour, or flour, or bread 500 ml of warm воды150 ml tomato paste( room temperature)2 tsp (LEVEL ) salt( if tomato paste sakili salty, add less salt)3 tbsp vegetable oil 3 tbsp. sugar( SMOOTH)11 g of dry soluble дрожжей0,5 tsp. dry ground чеснока1 tsp. dry орегано0,5 tsp. dry базилика6-7 sun-dried tomatoes( finely chopped)2 tbsp monocausal You Bon appetite and good mood! :)Subscribe to my channel Click on bell to be the first to know about new videos. If You like the video click like( thumb up) and share videos with friends on social networks.My TV Friends,join ABCcooking in social networks and share photos of dishes you prepared for my receptivitate the Facebook Classmates Sections of my cooking channel:♦ TRANSCARPATHIAN CUISINE ♦ MEAT ♦ VEGETABLE DISHES AND MUSHROOMS ♦ BAKING IN THE BREAD MAKER ♦ SAVORY PASTRIES ♦ SNACKS ♦ LEAN CUISINE ♦ HEALTHY MEALS ♦ RECIPES ♦ DESSERT & DRINK ♦ CAKES ♦ PASTA DISHES AND PASTA ♦ SALADS AND SALAD DRESSINGS ♦ ENTREES ♦ FISH ♦ MEALS IN A FOOD PROCESSOR ♦ CANNING ♦ TORONTO RESTAURANTS ♦ COOKING TIPS ♦ COOKBOOKS ♦ TRAVEL Source: Nataliya Mashika @ Youtube.

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