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Torrice – cheesecakes with tofu without eggs | LoveCookingRu

Tiniki is a great alternative to cheese cakes with cottage cheese. Prepared with tofu. Out very tender! This dessert is suitable for people fasting adhere to a vegan diet.Step-by-step recipes with photos can be found on my website: a Little about my channel:Hello Everyone! My name is Veronica. I am very glad that You glanced on my dish:-) I’m not a professional cook, but loves cooking-lover! For N-Noe number of years I have accumulated different retseptiki, which we gladly share with You. I love to cook, and my body loves to get fat:-))), so that you constantly have to compromise and figure out how to reduce the caloric and add the use of a particular dish. Because of this, on my channel You can find many recipes for healthy meals, including diet desserts! Although high-calorie snacks too:-)Click on the button “Subscribe” and get useful retseptiki, share your impressions, experiences and recommendations in the comments and if You like the recipe, put the thumb up, I would be insanely nice!Save the recipe (5 pieces)340g тофу2 tbsp rice муки60г any fruit puree (I had Apple-pear)sweetener (if you like sweeter)rust.oil for objectiu puree them in a blender. Add the rice flour and mashed potatoes. All carefully mash with a fork.With wet hands shape the cheese cakes, and spread on a greased heated pan. Fry with 2 sides on a slow fire. When you turn on the second side, cover the pan with a lid.Can serve with jam, berries, any fruit.KBZHU 1 topnik: 77/6/3/7.Easy cooking and Bon appetit!Join us at:Instagram: Yandex Zen: : : : #tohnichi #vegascasino #posteritati #vegansociety #precept #present #vegansociety #postviability #servicestop Source: LoveCookingRu @ Youtube.

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