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Treatment with Keto Diet. Experience Of Timur.

Possible treatment of diseases using the keto diet? The known facts about what the Keto Diet cures diabetes type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. There is also a movement that offers salmon Diet for the treatment of cancer, cancer, including brain cancer. In this video we’ll have a chat with Timur Dugin, which applies Keto diet to fight brain cancer.Link to the channel of Timur TimurDugin link to the book Nasha Winters “THE METABOLIC APPROACH TO CANCER” Link for donations: Link to donations Paypal: Pages in social networks:Instagram: : Public Vk channel Recipe for Success: IMPORTANT! Disclaimer: All the videos on the channel – this is a personal experience and personal opinion. I am not a doctor, a graduate in nutrition or physiology. Since many of the videos address issues of health, before making any decisions be sure to consult with your doctor. Source: Рецепт Успеха @ Youtube.

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