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Universal beer-batter / Chicken in beer batter / Recipe 1861 / Russian cuisine

Batter we cook today versatile. It is possible to cook meat, chicken, fish and even vegetables. The result is always excellent! This recipe beer batter taken from a cookbook of 1861 “a Gift to young Housewives, or a means to reduce costs in the household”, author Elena Ivanovna molokhovets. INGREDIENTS:BEER-BATTER:160 g Flour – 0,5 tbsp. Olive oil, 1 teaspoon Salt,250 ml Beer, 2 – Egg whites.For chicken:1 kg – Chicken Breasts,to taste – Salt,to taste Black pepper,to taste – Dried paprika.Friends, below the links to playlists, which you can find the recipe to your taste.SALADS AND SNACKS: OLD RECIPES: BREAD AND BAKING: THE RECIPES OF MEAT AND POULTRY: FISH AND SEAFOOD: ON THE SECOND AND NOT ONLY: THE DESSERTS AND CAKES: SOUPS: SAUCES: PREPARATIONS FOR THE WINTER: Source: БурМикс @ Youtube.

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