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Unusual Technics Of Sculpting. Indian Flat Bread Paratha

hi everyone! This is a cooking channel OH AND DELICIOUS! It is dedicated to homemade recipes. Here you will find simple and delicious baking recipes,cooking first and second courses, desserts, snacks, preparations for the winter. Today I want to share the recipe of the Indian puff bread. They have a very interesting and unusual technique of molding in which obtained a lot of layers.How to do it, watch the video.RECIPE:3 tbsp flour (250ml)2 h l соли2 tbsp Rast. oil1 яйцо1 C water(+ -)70-80 g FF malapterurus TO MY CHANNEL: PLAYLIST HOMEMADE BREAD: My VK group: My group classmates : anyone can support the channel materialsource SBERBANK: 4276 3300 1540 1870Большое THANK you for your support!Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!#ohukese #pellet #of sleeeeepy #baking #technicality #baking #bread Source: ОХ И ВКУСНО @ Youtube.

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