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Useful bread from BUCKWHEAT flour in the Leaven!

a Very fragrant bread turns with buckwheat flour!Cooked very simply, and what useful and interesting taste I can’t even pass!Highly recommend to try it!The text format of the recipe on YANDEX ZEN Look at other bread recipes and not just for the sourdough Ingredients-200 g Mature whole wheat sourdough-300 g flour 1 grade-300 ml of warm water-100 gr buckwheat flour-1 table.l sugar-1.5 tsp salt*******************************************VIEW MY OTHER VIDEO*CAKES.CAKES.ROLLS* *BREAD.BATON.BAGUETTE* *SOURDOUGH BREAD* SWEET *CAKES* *SALADS* *PANCAKES AND FRITTERS* *PIES.CAKES.PIZZA* *SNACKS AND SANDWICHES* *SOUPS ON THE FIRST* *MANTA RAYS.DUMPLINGS.DUMPLINGS* *.FOOD FOR HEALTH* *MAIN DISHES* *DRINKS* *EASTER RECIPES* SAUCE * ***SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL, WRITE KOMENTARII!!!**************************************************************************************************************************************ALL A PLEASANT APPETITE!!! Thank you for your Support channel PayPal [email protected]u No. card of Sberbank: 5336 6900 5511 2736 Source: ПРОСТОРЕЦЕПТ @ Youtube.

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