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Vegan burfi recipe

Want to lose weight? Just don’t eat these 3 products: a Very simple recipe for a great Indian sweets burfi, in this case – without the addition of butter and milk, making it lower in calories than the more complex variations, and allows for longer be stored.You will need about 16-18 squares:- 1 Cup cashews – 1/2 Cup sugar – 1/4 Cup bodypicture:1. Sugar and water placed in the pan, stir to dissolve the sugar, and heated over medium heat. Let the syrup comes to a boil, in the process of warming it should not interfere.2. Meanwhile, in a blender grind the cashews.3. As soon as the syrup has begun to boil, check the consistency: it needs only to slightly thicken, just a little. Otherwise the burfi can be hard. Diminish the heat to low and add in syrup chopped cashews.Turn off the heat and kneaded into the mass. The result is a soft mass.4. Put the mass on a plate and give it 5 minutes to cool.5. Hands lightly grease with vegetable oil and knead the mass for hands.6. Roll out the dough to your required thickness and cut as you wish. Ready.Popular novoshepelychi burfi recipe: Source: Tolefa Nijordan @ Youtube.

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