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Vegan pizza in 20 minutes | gluten free | yeast free | dairy free

p and C C and for 20 min | the basis of red lentils⠀super simple, fast and a great pizza recipe that you can please yourself and your loved ones⠀the pizza base is made entirely without flour from red lentils⠀✘no flour✘no gluten✘yeast free✓vegan⠀(video recipe in the photo gallery)……………………pizza ‘green goddess’:(~1 medium pizza)⠀o n o V a:• red lentils 100g (soaked already for 6+ hours)• water ~100 ml• salt 1/4 tsp• spices: turmeric, paprika, thyme, and/or other⠀n a h and n to and:• 1-2 PCs tomatoes (or tomato paste pomi)• Bechamel sauce (recipe below)• spinach 1/2 handful in a few inflorescences broccoli (can be frozen)• green peas 3 tbsp (can be frozen)⠀Bechamel sauce:• rice flour 2 tbsp (or other gluten free flour)• salt 1/4 tsp• dry garlic 1/4 tsp• water 100 ml⠀1/ red lentils, rinse and grind in a blender with the remaining ingredients until smooth. The dough should get as pancakes (like thick cream) – if you need less or more воды2/ fry the dough on both sides in a dry pan or add a little vegetable oil. I spread the dough with a thickness of ~1 cm Fry ~2 minutes on each стороны3/ prepare the Bechamel sauce: put in a saucepan all the ingredients for the sauce, turn on the stove and stir constantly until thick (~3-5 min)4/ tomato to make the puree – peel and twist in блендере5/ turn the oven on 200 градусов6/ on a baking tray lay a paper for baking, put a ready-made basis for пиццы7/ apply mashed tomatoes, then Bechamel sauce, then spinach, green peas and broccoli. To put bake for ~10-15 min at 200 degrees⠀……………………* the stuffing can choose at your discretion and taste* you can add grated Vegan Parmesan (or regular if you eat it)⠀♡ you can pour a ready-made pizza garlic oil (olive oil 2 tbsp + 2 cloves of garlic through a garlic crusher + thyme or other spice = mix well and pour the cooked pizza)⠀……………….I wish you a wonderful Friday and inspiration, despite the weather outside⠀thank you for being with me⠀#рецепты_jennnuty Source: jennnuty / Женя Баганова @ Youtube.

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