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Vegetable bulghur pilaf in multivarka How to cook bulgur / PP Diet a Recipe for stew, saute

How to cook bulgur in the slow cooker with vegetables? What vegetables go well with bulgur? What are the best spices to add to bulguru? How long to cook bulgur in the slow cooker? How to cook vegetable pilaf of bulgur? ✔Answers to all these questions you will find in my video “Vegetable bulghur pilaf in multivarka” ✔Bulgur is parboiled whole grain wheat that contain huge amounts of vitamins, fiber, minerals. Meals of bulgur filling and healthy. It is especially convenient to cook it in the slow cooker. In just 20 minutes you’ll have crispy and delicious bulgur with vegetables.✔The estimate of the video♥! Comment♥! Share with friends♥! ✌ ***************************************Put huskies and subscribe to the channel “Tasty Notes”! **********************************Also in the video I tell and show:- a detailed recipe of vegetable bulghur pilaf; how to cook bulgur in the slow cooker;- how to cook bulgur in the slow cooker – what is bulgur and spices with which it is combined?- the finished dish of bulgur.**************************Vegetable bulghur pilaf in multivarka How to cook bulgur / PP Diet Recipe stew, satirical: • bulgur – 2 cups;• zucchini (350 g); • carrots (300 g);• onion (150 g); • mushrooms (100g). For the filling:• 2 tbsp tomato paste; • 1 tsp. salt; • 2 tsp. sugar;• 1 teaspoon of Italian herbs. DETAILED THE BREWING PROCESS, SEE MY VIDEO ***********************************♥VIDEO MANDATORY VIEWING♥:✔BULGUR with vegetables in slow cooker / PP Diet recipe ✔MILK LOAF FOR SOURDOUGH / the Most accurate and proven recipe/ Homemade soda bread in the oven ✔Borodinsky bread in the oven / THIS recipe 1939 / Custard rye bread ✔BAGELS WITH JAM / RECIPE / DELICIOUS SHORTBREAD COOKIES WITH JAM JAM AT HOME ✔HOMEMADE MUSTARD on sourdough LOAF / SIMPLE recipe ✔CHEESE sourdough BREAD – a simple recipe of wheat bread for home ovens || DELICIOUS ✔BREAD WITH CHEESE // CHEESE FRENCH BREAD // DELICIOUS WHEAT BREAD ✔WHEAT BREAD / PROOFING IN the FRIDGE / RECIPE FRENCH BREAD ✔BREAD CORRECT AND COMPLETE RECIPE / VERMONT RYE-WHEAT BREAD / DELICIOUS ✔PANETTONE leaven Levito Madre || REAL Panettone recipe || Italian Easter cake ✔EASTER CAKE GRAFFIN – An UNUSUAL RECIPE – the MOST DELICIOUS EASTER, EASTER // Easter Cake Cruffin ✔EASTER CAKE LEAVENED WITHOUT YEAST // HOW to COOK a VERY TASTY EASTER WITH MOIST CRUMB ****************************************************Cook the bread always in a good mood, and you certainly will succeed!If you have any questions – write in comments. I wish you good luck!Put huskies and subscribe to the channel “Tasty Notes”! Pleasant viewing cooking videos!:)✔We are in Facebook ✔We Twitter ✔We are in the Instagram #burgervlotburg #bulgarophone #bulgarianhomeloans #bulgur #campigotto #precept #of vkusnyashek Source: Вкусные Заметки @ Youtube.

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