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Vegetable eggplant caviar with mushrooms / Easy recipe / appetizer Eggplant / Eggplant Caviar

Assess video! Comment! Share with your friends! ✌ Begins the season of eggplant, so it’s time to prepare vegetable caviar. It’s very simple, but very tasty dish that can be served with meat dishes or simply spread on bread.This eggplant caviar complemented the large pieces of mushrooms and lettuce. ♥Prepare, try it and amaze! And I wish you good mood and good appetite!:) ♥***************************************✔Put huskies and subscribe to the channel! **********************************✌ In video I show:- a detailed recipe for vegetable egg eggplant;- how to prepare vegetables for the eggplant caviar;- how to chop the vegetables for the eggs;- how long to roast vegetables to caviar;- looks like the finished vegetable caviar. ***********************************Vegetable eggplant caviar with mushrooms / Easy recipe / appetizer Eggplant / Eggplant CaviarНеобходимые ingredients:2 PCs. PCs. PCs. баклажаны1 морковь1 лук200 g mushrooms шампиньоны3 PCs помидора5 grams of fresh bitter перец70 g root сельдерея50 ml vegetable makasali to kosupure for вкусу3 tsp сахара3 garlic cloves✌ DETAILED the brewing PROCESS, SEE MY VIDEO **********************************♥ Suggest another view:✔BAGUETTE on sourdough / Recipe French baguette wheat sourdough / ✔HOMEMADE MUSTARD on sourdough LOAF / SIMPLE recipe ✔CHEESE sourdough BREAD – a simple recipe of wheat bread for home ovens || DELICIOUS ✔BREAD WITH CHEESE // CHEESE FRENCH BREAD // DELICIOUS WHEAT BREAD ✔WHEAT BREAD / PROOFING IN the FRIDGE / RECIPE FRENCH BREAD ✔BREAD CORRECT AND COMPLETE RECIPE / VERMONT RYE-WHEAT BREAD / DELICIOUS ✔PANETTONE leaven Levito Madre || a REAL recipe for Panettone || Italian Easter cake ✔EASTER CAKE GRAFFIN – an UNUSUAL RECIPE – the MOST DELICIOUS EASTER, EASTER // Easter Cake Cruffin ✔EASTER CAKE LEAVENED WITHOUT YEAST // HOW to COOK a VERY TASTY EASTER WITH MOIST CRUMB ****************************************************Cook the bread always in a good mood, and you certainly will succeed!If you have any questions – write in comments. I wish you good luck!Put huskies and subscribe to the channel! Pleasant viewing cooking videos!:)✔We are in Facebook ✔We Twitter ✔We are in the Instagram #ovoschnaya #baklazhannaya #ovisnosti #caviar #of rakospalotai #zapechennaja #baseerah #receptioner Source: Вкусные Заметки @ Youtube.

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