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Very TASTY AND fluffy Meatballs with semolina and potatoes! A Simple Recipe For Meatballs

Simple recipe for delicious and fluffy meatballs. Gives a very delicate flavor and a large amount of meatballs, even if a little stuffing. How does it work? SRAS themselves. When we think about what to cook, what comes to mind is the recipe of cutlets. For this we need:Minced Beef – 250 grammarmodel – two stuchlikova odnochasno – half Golovchenko – 100 grammarof – 50 grammatico – 1 sukaresmi – pair blocktoberfest homemade burgers is very reasonable. Since the meat in this form is very quickly prepared. Stuffing allows us to dream.All products are mixed in is not organic. And we can use even the most unexpected combinations. For example cutlets with zucchini. They get air. In our case the recipe consists of adding semolina and potatoes. Semolina gives the stuffing to swell. Potato has a high degree of starch. The result is budget chops. Because this method increases them in volume. Every woman loves cheap and healthy burgers. This they cook well in the oven. It was there that the food does not stick. Unless you keep the temperature the recipe. And get useful cutlets. This is also true if you follow the figure. In this case the meatballs from the oven will have less excess calories. As refined oil not only increases the calories. There are products of combustion. They are formed when frying. This same recipe can be helpful. And maybe dangerous to health. We recommend useful cutlets from minced meat that you can cook in the kitchen for native people. Let homemade food will always be delicious and healthy. What homemade food allows us to maintain health. #domanicell #of receptacle #burgers #Lifehacker #Polezhayevskaya life hack will take you to the world of useful tips.Video life hacks help you in your life. In this video different in different areas.Useful tips aimed at different aspects of our lives. It is health, cooking, food, sports, leisure, travel.Practical advice can give anyone. The main thing that was desire to make it in life.Life hacks will help you with this! Be with us! Source: lifehacks – полезные советы с Валентиной Коло @ Youtube.

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