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Vladivostok 2. Recipe How to cook Seafood.

having Suffered a complete fiasco in the market. We decided to look for companies that are engaged in the common fishery. Fish, shrimp, shellfish. Fish and crab were all difficult and easy at the same time difficult because catch for tourists only flounder, krasnorech caught only in certain seasons. And just for fishing, you can hire almost any boat and went to sea. Shrimp, no one catches, unfortunately. But we found that guys who engaged in fishing of shellfish. They harvested mussels, oysters, shells of saribasak. So we went to the island of Russian, to learn the features of this interesting fishing @ torgfort_vl ( )At first glance like it’s not tricky, donned scuba gear and collected as a cucumber on a bed. In the net take off and emerges at the time that the canister of gas. But not so, in fact, very few people will tell you that it is very hard and dangerous work, experienced scuba divers shell grow in certain places, as to size shell will have turned in three years. And smart miners planted them in the so-called gardens. That would be to achieve the right size to collect. And the difficulties of working in low visibility after storms or winter fishing, when there is a high mortality rate amongst scuba divers add to the price tag on production. There, on the shore of the Bay, but the island of Russian, we have prepared a traditional dish of the indigenous peoples of Evenhow Lama Tala. And Exchanged for 1.5 kg of cucumbers, 1.5 kg of shellfish. The dish itself is very interesting and full of history. The principle for making it is not necessary to have a dozen skills, all as simple as possible. Then we went to the Hostel @citypark.hostel () where made variation #Desireas with chicken in an Asian style. Variation of instant noodles with chicken fillet, marinated fern and vegetables is just mind-blowing. A dish from @pacificrussiafoodie ( ) in @port_cafev, a simple variation on the vegetable salad with the manners of the unique taste and original recipe. We have prepared skoblenko of Makrurusa how to cook it and what feature look directly in the video. Also in the series: the Secret of quality streetfood. How to make a million on the street. Source: Кухня Макса @ Youtube.

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