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Vlog: Shawarma at home,cook, recipe nutrition, lose weight good!

#recipes #pravilnaya #kulinarya #diet #dietexercise hi! My name is Pavel Kuznetsov. I work as a fitness trainer in the city of Tula. Try to stick to a proper diet and want to write for interesting low-calorie recipes of different dishes. In this video, the homemade Shawarma with chicken, fresh vegetables and a light sauce!We need:- pita bread unleavened;-onions;-chicken drumsticks 3 PCs;-tomatoes a little;-salt, spices to taste; cucumber;For the sauce:-sour cream light 10% and I have a jar of natural yogurt;-a couple of garlic cloves;-soy sauce-greens(I dill).Preparation watch the video.Next video coming soon!Subscribe to the channel to not miss! My SOCIAL networks:VKONTAKTE: : do Not read!tasty recipe, weight loss recipe, low calorie recipe, fast diet recipes, simple recipes, diet and nutrition, to throw off kg, menu diet, omelette, scrambled eggs in the microwave, cream soup, spinach soup, salmon in the oven, lose weight fast, belly slimming, minus kg, easy dinner, salmon recipe, eggs recipe, soup, yummy recipe, Breakfast, delicious recipe, delicious dinner recipe, dinner, tasty recipe, vegetables soup, vegan soup, vegetarian recipe, quick recipes in 5 minutes, recipe, life hack, life hacks food recipe, diet, diet recipe, easy recipe, how to lose weight, healthy recipe, salad recipe, fruit salad, baked chicken, chicken pastrami, stuffed mushrooms, how to clean kiwi, how to peel an orange how to peel a grapefruit, lose weight delicious Breakfast for weight loss / 7 options for Breakfast / making Breakfast / PP is the most important meal, the Breakfast options, PP, proper Breakfast, my Breakfast, lose weight, cooking channel, recipes, food diary, weight loss, fat loss, protein diet, my morning, the Kremlin diet, anna sheina, Anna Shein, Shein, balanced diet, motivation, food basket, sheina, grocery shopping, how to lose weight fast, lose weight, beautiful body, beauty, fashion, style Source: Blacksmith @ Youtube.

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