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vlog/Transform the stairs in the house/brownie Recipe with liquid chocolate inside

BROWNIE RECIPE:✔dark chocolate (70%)-200 g✔butter-250g✔sugar – 130 g(can, cane)✔salt-pinch✔baking powder-sachet of 10 g✔eggs-4 pieces✔cocoa powder-6 tbsp✔flour-4 tablespoons✔zest of 1 lemon or orange✔nuts any-50-100 gotovim: Butter room temp,chocolate,sliced mix in a blender Add eggs,salt,sugar,whisk, Add dry ingredients,stir the Form to lay a parchment paper.Put the dough,flatten.Sprinkle the zest and nuts,not to Autoplate,they will settle.Bake for 25-30 min. If you want the liquid to stuffing inside,then bake 20 min!Enjoy your tea!Your Likes, reposts and comments-best contribution to the development of our channel! Pleasant viewing!HOUSE PROJECT HERE► MY COOKING CHANNEL here► ********************************************************************For collaboration please e-mail► [email protected]Часто asked questions look here► Grandstok shop► Discount for members ► 5% promo code ЮТУБ721может to be used 1 time 1-user Discount store ► Sales store ► Bonavi ► Want to just sit at home and earn a little money for the normal scanning of receipts from the store? Rather then follow the link and register in the application SmartScan► Number of HH No. 713776 In the field “Who invited”specify Konovalova Yulia Aleksandrovskaya products online and get cashback to your account!► Also here you can buy a good kasbekar ► Where else to find me?↨↨↨►PINTEREST ►Instagram ► [email protected]_v_sele►Vkontakte *********************************************************************If you’re an aspiring blogger YouTube, then you here►Зарабатывай on their videos!Music► Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound” OR HERE► #semasiology #of rezeptbuy #Remontnoe Source: Домик в селе @ Youtube.

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