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Warm Thai beef salad! YUMMY! Lovers of Thai cuisine, just love it!

Delicious Thai salad with sesame seeds,cucumber and soy sauce.Incredibly delicious combined with rice,ask for supplements all lovers of Thai cuisine!Print the recipe on my text blog: Small please Write in the comments something good or leave any smilingly me is VERY important!I want to see people who like what I cook ⏩ n O N N And S V A Y T E S ⏪Preparation: Pork cut into long,flat pieces and fry in a hot vegetable oil until a beautiful crust.Added chopped onion half rings and massirovala until caramelized onions.Garlic cut slices and added to the meat.Bell pepper cut into strips and added to the meat with the onions,stirring constantly massirovala was 2 minutes,no more,the pepper should be slightly dried and crisp.At the end I added soy sauce and a couple of minutes extinguished!Cucumber cut into strips,added soy sauce and sugar,mixed and to this mixture added meat with vegetables!Very well mixed!In the middle of the plate put cooked rice using the Cup in order to create a beautiful look when applying around rice posted a salad!The perfect ending would be a decoration in the form of droplets or thin lines of teriyaki sauce.The top was decorated with sesame seeds.Bon appetit!Ingredients:200 g Bulgarian свинины1 луковица1 pressey соус1 h l сахараКунжут1 head чеснока1 cucumber#salad #Thai #tismaneanu#tysyachna#of oksanatimoshenko #rostovchanam#fiskerestaurant #salad#with slievemore #China#Thailand Source: Вкусные рецепты & Оксана Филоненко @ Youtube.

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