October 20, 2017

We Never Swept Anything Under The Rug

When we lived in the house on Dennis Street in Tumwater we always had an area rug in the living room.  It seems totally ludicrous now, but Mom used to sweep that rug on a regular basis.  I don’t think we owned a vacuum cleaner or anything, so she was forced to sweep the whole house to keep it clean.  No doubt when she was doing that chore the dust was flyin’! I never saw Mom sweep anything under the rug!  She might have “found” some things under there though.

Times have changed (thank goodness) and the quality of area rugs have much improved too. We have one in our living room (we have real hardwood floors) that kind of ‘grounds’ the sitting area where we have our couch and loveseat.  The coffee table sits on the rug and it all goes together quite well.



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