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We spread the spaghetti on the film and wrap. No more boring pasta!

no More boring pasta: try the most original pasta recipes.Save the recipe on Pinterest: Again, no time to cook, so for dinner we had… pasta. But don’t worry, because plain cooked pasta can be transformed into an original treat that will definitely be remembered by everyone. Today we will try the 3 the original recipe for pasta lovers.Put like and subscribe to our channel! Look for us on Facebook:Подробности other interesting ideas you will find here: ) the Dumplings from pastinum need:450 g capellini or спагетти200 g of pulp помидоров500 g of cheese рикотта100 g rice сухарей2 яйца2 tablespoons chopped петрушки100 g пармезана1 pinch salicornietea:grated parmesano baloncestistico:Boil the pasta, and then let her cool slightly in a large deep bowl. Spaghetti needs to boil longer than usual: they should be very soft.Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.Formed from the mass of small balls and fry in oil (at 160 °C) for about 3 minutes. Served with sauce, cheese and herbs.2.) Sushi from spaghetti (1 serving)We need:200 g спагетти125 g of cheese рикотта100 ml of tomato sauce or pulp помидоров15 grams of grated пармезана5 small meatballs (about 20 g)200 ml of tomato sauce for ukrainepreteen for ukrainiazation for ukrainianromanian:pad followedby will plancustomer:Boil the spaghetti and leave to cool. It is very important that the spaghetti will not stick together, and we were able to disassemble them into individual noodles. We put them on tape, as the video shows: one to one, to get a rectangular sheet of dough. Uneven edges can be trimmed.Mix ricotta and tomato sauce, add the Parmesan cheese.Put the film with the pasta on top of the pad rolls. Put in the center layer of cheese on top of it spread meatballs with tomato sauce.Turn the Mat to get a tube of spaghetti with meat inside, and briefly put in the fridge. Then cut the tube into individual sushi.Our original sushi is served with tomato sauce, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs.Original and tasty! And a bonus video will show you another very unusual variant.To cook a delicious and original flying pasta (2-3 servings) we need:3 halves of sweet pepper (different colors) 1 logovisual 400 g spaghetti olive масло1 chicken грудка1 clove чеснока1 tablespoon паприки1 teaspoon pepper chile1 teaspoon тмина1 teaspoon соли250 ml молока150 grams of grated cradle decoration (1 serving):1 тортилья1/2 boiled kartofeliny recipe you’ll find here: Source: Вкусное дело @ Youtube.

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