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Well, a delicious beet salad with cheese and eggs. How to prepare beet salad.

Well, very tasty beet salad! I want to share with you the salad recipe that I cook often. Beet salad with cheese and eggs is one of my favorite. Use beets in a salad just oven baked. Baked in foil beets will keep all their vitamins and taste. Instead of mayonnaise you can use sunflower or olive oil. For this dish we need:-boiled or baked beets – 1-2 pieces;-boiled eggs – 2 pieces;-hard cheese – 200 grams;garlic – 2 cloves;-salt – vospominaniyami on my channel! All the warmth, kindness and good mood!#salads#receptivitate#comprehesively Source: Татьяна Романенко. Просто Вкусно и Полезно! @ Youtube.

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