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Well, very delicious vegan cheesecake | Cake without baking

Today I want to share with you the recipe of delicious berry and a very beautiful Lenten cheesecake, or as it is called, cashew cake! SUBSCRIBE: Quick and simple recipes So Yummy In Russian: a Completely new recipes from So Yummy In Russian: Welcome to the channel So Yummy! Here you will find recipes of every type and every taste: fast, festive, homemade, cooking life hacks, useful tips for novice cooks, and more! We believe that cooking should be simple and legkomotorny! Don’t forget to subscribe and include ALL of opovescheniya with us will be delicious! Simple desserts and snacks for you, your children, friends and relatives! From the group’s First Media. For business proposals: Source: So Yummy На Русском @ Youtube.

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