WHAT I EAT IN a DAY(vegan) in 2019

halo everybody and welcome back may YouTube channelside lateperiod)))00)0меня name is Anya Blanca love to watch videos like what I eat for the day and what I eat in a day vegana she’s a vegetarian and so are always in search of new recipes so I hope you ponravitsya I ate:Breakfast: porridge oat milk coconut oil honey peanut pasteurises: match oat milk nuts and dried fruits Chia pudding with coconut milk and syrup of Kirovabad: mash olive oil egg whole wheat bread and avocado and saluations: Apple Dinner:spinach Aucoin 2: yogurt and lubricatethe here is a recipe of a delicious vegan yogurt:Coconut lucilite Recipe starts at 5:34 thanks for watching ========sublyratus: Source: ann blunt @ Youtube.