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What kind of salad to prepare for a holiday? | Top 3 salad for a birthday or other celebration

What kind of salad to prepare for the holiday and many interesting recipes You can visit our website► First recipe: Salad with honey курицей1. Olive oil 5CT.l.2. Honey 4 tbsp 3. Bavarian mustard 3st.l.4. French mustard 3st.l.5. The juice of half a lemon.6. Chicken thigh without bone 4 PCs. 7. The cherry tomatoes 200g.8. Avocado 1 piece 9. Romaine lettuce.10. Boiled eggs 2 PCs. 11. Red onion 1/2 Second recipe: salmon Salad, celery and моркови1. Carrots 1pc.2. Celery 3pcs.3. Light-salted salmon 150g.4. Lime juice.5. Arugula 60g.Third recipe: Salad in a bread кольцах1 language. Toast.2. Boiled beef 150g.3. Pickles 110g.4. Canned 70g.5. Onion 30g.6. Boiled eggs 2 PCs.7. Wasabi 1H.l.8. Mayonnaise 1tbsp.l.9. Yogurt 1st.l.10. Soy sauce 15мл.———————————————————————————————————–In this video we show what kind of salad to prepare for the holiday. We have gathered for You the top 3 salad for any holiday. You will have to ask for the recipes of these salads because they are delicious. Everything will definitely be glad to have the salads at the table. What kind of salad to prepare for a holiday? See this video. A good cooking and Bon appetit!See more recipes►What to cook for Breakfast? | 3 dishes for the perfect Breakfast | Cook delicious Carrot cake with cream cheese and walnuts. How to cook? | Carrot cake recipe Traditional Italian dish – Osso Bucco. How to cook? | Osso Bucco recipe Meat casserole in a pita. How to cook? Very tasty Subscribe to our channel to be the first to know about delicious dishes that You can cook at home! Join us on Facebook: Group Live Journal Lady : Our website: Subscribe to the channel! Source: Готовим вкусно @ Youtube.

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