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What to cook for holiday meat? | Delicious meat dishes

What to cook for a feast of meat and a lot of interesting recipes You can visit our website► First recipe: Sautéed chicken Breasts with tomatoes, olives and white вином1. Flour 4 tbsp 2. Salt.3. Pepper.4. Chicken fillet 2 PCs.5. Garlic 3 cloves.6. Dry white wine 100ml.7. Blanched tomatoes 200g.8. Olives 10 pieces 9. Butter 30g.10. Chicken broth 100ml.Second recipe: Steak with caramel яблоками1. Ribeye steak 1 PC.2. Green apples 2 PCs.3. Thyme.4. Dry white wine 50ml.5. Med 3st.l.Third recipe: Chicken baked with apples and апельсинами1. Chicken 1pc.2. Ground ginger 1ch.l.3. Soy sauce 30ml.4. Red pepper 1/3 tsp 5. Meat seasoning 1 tsp 6. Dry etc 1H.l.7. Mustard 2H.l.8. Ground pepper 1/2 tsp 9. Orange 1 piece 10. Apple 2pcs.11. Butter 40г.———————————————————————————————————–In this video we will show you what to prepare for a feast of meat. We have prepared for You delicious dishes of meat, which is perfect for the holiday table. Guests will enjoy such dishes. Everything is very simple and does not require any special culinary skills. The meat turns out very tender and juicy. What to cook for holiday meat? See this video. A good cooking and Bon appetit!See more recipes►What to cook for Breakfast? | 3 dishes for the perfect Breakfast | Cook delicious Carrot cake with cream cheese and walnuts. How to cook? | Carrot cake recipe Traditional Italian dish – Osso Bucco. How to cook? | Osso Bucco recipe Meat casserole in a pita. How to cook? Very tasty Subscribe to our channel to be the first to know about delicious dishes that You can cook at home! Join us on Facebook: Group Live Journal Lady : Our website: Subscribe to the channel! Source: Готовим вкусно @ Youtube.

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