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What to cook strawberry – review of the BEST recipes of strawberries (desserts, drinks, pastries)

The best and easy recipes from your favorite berries of the summer – strawberries! We have prepared an overview of your favorite strawberry drinks, desserts, different pastries, preservation, and collection of delicious salads with strawberries.Each recipe about which we told in this video has a detailed description. See the links below.****** OUR PORTAL ****** Here you can find a variety of delicious photoreceptive Salads with strawberries ===Unusual summer salad with strawberries WITHOUT MAYONNAISE • Fruit salad with strawberries • Salad with strawberries and arugula • Salad with strawberries and chicken • Salad with strawberries, oranges and mint Preservation of strawberries ===the Perfect strawberry JAM WITH WHOLE BERRIES in winter • Strawberry jam without cooking • Jam from frozen strawberries favorite recipe • Classic strawberry jam • How to make strawberry jam five minutes of Baking with strawberries ===Simple strawberry pie filling FROM NOTHING • Strawberry cake without baking is like being in Paradise for the whole family • Strawberry cheesecake without baking: the best recipes • Cake with strawberry jam: recipes for the oven • Strawberry cheesecake: recipe without baking Drinks with strawberries ===Prepare 3 drinks from strawberry – strawberry lemonade, juice and smoothies • How to make strawberry yogurt at home • Strawberry smoothie: a selection of the best summer recipes • Strawberry smoothie: a selection of the best recipes of summer drinks • Strawberry jelly from frozen berries Desserts, strawberries ===CONNACHIE DESSERTS with STRAWBERRIES – QUICK and EASY 5 RECIPES • Strawberry white chocolate • Dessert of strawberries and cottage cheese • cottage Cheese dessert with strawberries “Drunken berries” Thanks for watching, trust and prepare with us! Put like and share this video with your friends!Thanks for your comments! We will try to reply to all your comments and wishes 🙂 Subscribe to the channel for reference ➤ *********** WE IN social NETWORKS *********** Join us! There have fun)) ➤ MONITORING ➤ OK – ➤ Facebook – ➤ twitter ➤ Instagram – *********** EMAIL US **********e-mail: [email protected]Для advertisers: your proposals for cooperation please send mail [email protected]***** OUR CULINARY ACADEMY ***** Here you can learn how to cook *********** ALL PLAYLISTS *********** Source: Твой Поваренок @ Youtube.

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