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What vegans eat on Elbrus? Soup of beans, pasta and soy meat.

✓ This is a video I produced without processing, no effects and left the maximum that usually falls into the frame.✓ This is the first day on Elbrus and our first dinner. In the future, there were many, but it was not such a comfortable awning and table. All cooked under the open sky with the wind and the sun. ✓ The recipe for this soup, of course I will not write. It makes no sense. Just shared an example of what you can eat in the mountains. Hearty, delicious, and with plenty of calories!✔ Powerful blender with a discount of 1000 rubles on the promo code “MIHAILOVA” : ✔ 5% Discount for You on the website IHerb code ALV9449 : ✔ Vkontakte: ✔ Instagram: #recipe #vegan #Elbrus Source: Mikhail Vegan @ Youtube.

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