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When you WANT sweet, but too lazy to cook. SANDWICH with NUTELLA

When you WANT sweet, but too lazy to cook. SANDWICH NUTELLAТакой the sandwich I make when I want a sweet and not want to wait a minute)))) Ha! Super tasty and juicy. RECOMMEND! ****************** Ingredients ****************the Toasted bread or baguette 2 PC. Apple 1 PC. Nutella 2 tsp****************** Recipe ****************1. Bread fry in the tester or on a dry pan.2. Apply a thin layer of Nutella on bread and put on top of Apple slices.3. Ready!!! ))))) Bon appetit*************************************************************don’T MISS OUR OTHER VIDEOS!!!1. PANCAKES WITH PREPCOM SHAWARMA PASTIES PIZZA MARGARITA PANCAKES LASAGNA BOLOGNESE CARBONARA FOR the RUSSIAN PILAF h *************************************************************Hello, our names are Zhenya and Natasha, we love to cook. Zhenya in addition, we have a sweet tooth, so some of our recipes a lot of DESSERTS, but sometimes you will be pampered and hot meals on the first and second. Not to miss the new video, subscribe to the channel, there will be many interesting things!Releasing videos every Friday!!! Subscribe to our channel and cook with me.On advertising: [email protected]Донат for the development of channel: Crypt BTC – 1DUQU9b2UHRKxg5nsxsU5f5P8VfPTiRsc7 QIWI 4890494466199528Так also has a donut on the dishes which flashes in the frame.The skillet We in social Networks:VK: : : Odnoklassniki: Source: ТАК ВКУСНО! @ Youtube.

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