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Win-WIN RECIPE for the Second Dish – “ROAST Chicken in a Pot”

A simple recipe for chicken and potatoes in pots with tomato sauce. Preparation of all products for this dish takes a minimum of time, but the result will be amazingly delicious, appetizing and hearty dish and there is hardly anyone who refuses to try. A win-win second course. In my family, this dish is one of my favorite. RECIPE:• chicken fillet – 400 gr.• potatoes – 4 PCs• onion – 1 PC• bell pepper – 1 PC• tomatoes – 3 PCs• garlic – 2 cloves• greens to taste• salt to tasteMethod of preparation:Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.Potatoes cut not very large, finely cut onions, tomatoes RUB on a grater.In a shallow pan fry the onions – until transparent, add the grated tomatoes, herbs, salt, pepper, garlic through the press, bring the sauce to a boil, turn off the heat.Separately, in another pan, fry the pieces of chicken fillet, put on a plate, in the same pan fry, a little potatoes.At the bottom of the pot pour a little sauce, put the chicken, leaving room for potatoes, pour the sauce so that a little cover the meat, or half.Put a layer of potatoes on top, add a little salt. Close the lids, put in the oven, turn it on 180 degrees. Simmer 1-1.2 o’clock. Source: Стряпаем вместе @ Youtube.

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